Hello World!

Welcome to my web site; my own little slice of the Internet, serving up bits of me for your entertainment and for you to ridicule. I hope you find something worth looking at and enjoy your stay. Following this section are the obligitory bits of information about me and outline of what you can find on my site.

About Me

I'm a part-physicist, part-programmer that also seems to be the "go to guy" for almost everyone I know when their computer breaks down.

I have an MPhys degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics and a PhD in Particle Physics (officially, but not exactly), both from The University of Manchester. My PhD thesis title was "Grid Security and the GridSite Framework" and was more computer science than physics, but I get to officially say that it was in particle physics because it was carried out in Mancehster's HEP Group.

I am more or less a "geek" by a lot of people's definition - my irrational loyalty to Nintendo and Apple products as well as a love for most things Japanese (food, anime, the language) being the main indicators - but I'm okay with that. Beyond the obvious geekery, I enjoy cooking and eating food, playing guitar (and other stuff too) and spending time with the people I love. Most of my likes are represented somewhere on this site, a brief overview of which now folllows.

What's On

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